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11 octobre 2017

One Year Later

I'm sorry because this year I didn't do trip, I just speak about Oxford but I have my certificate

and I can continue to travel in the world but, be in Oxford, it's was my better experience what i never make,

I love this city and if I can stay here I don't say no ! So see You late. ;)

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18 octobre 2016

End of the first week in Oxford

More the time pass more i think lot of stereotypes on the United Kingdom is false. 

At 6:00 pm nobody drink tea, they drink just coffee while one week i didn't see anything who drink a tea.

 But lot of they is really here. All of the university ask an uniform or you can come in the school.



And all mornig i eat Beacon and fried eggs :p

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11 octobre 2016

Year In Oxford

I make lot of thing in Oxford. I choose Oxford beacause i make my study in this city and

beacause it's here where you can found the better university.

For my Frist day, i visit the College whit my friends where the movie Harry Potter was been turn. You can see the refectory:

Harry potter

We have made the turn of a little part of Oxford and we go on boat on the Thames

but i'm sorry my phone don't have battery, so i didn't have picture.


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18 mars 2015

Two days In London

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Hello, I'm in London today and tomorrow. Today we (whit thomas) have see the egypthian part and we see mummy






We go in the japanease part too:







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11 octobre 2014

Day In Paris

Hi today whit Thomas we visit Paris,

we go on the Eiffel Tower and we see the joconde in the Louvre.

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11 octobre 2012

Day in Sydney

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Hi, Today i'm go to sydney i visit the opera and i assist to a representation.

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